Please fill in the form below to send an email direct to the Home Office about air guns. Please only use this form to send one email to the consultation.

Act Now: Cats Protection is urgently calling on supporters to submit a response to the Government’s air weapons consultation outlining the need for licensing of air weapons in England and Wales before 6 February 2018.

Help us stop lethal air weapons falling into the wrong hands, please fill in your details and follow the steps to urge the Government to introduce air weapons licensing in England and Wales. This is your chance to make a difference but you only have a short amount of time.

We can only bring about change to the laws on air weapons in England and Wales if the many thousands of cat lovers like you get behind our campaign.

In Scotland and Northern Ireland air weapons are already licensed, providing protection for cats. We are calling for the same protection for cats in England and Wales.

Thank you to the more than 90,000 supporters that have already signed our online and paper petition calling for licensing in England and Wales and thank you in advance for sending a response to this air weapons consultation.

We have given you some standard text on the next page but please feel free to personalise the email and add your own views. If your cat has tragically suffered an injury or fatality due to an air weapon please include details of the impact on your cat, you and your family to show the Government the effect these heart-breaking incidents can have.

Please fill in the form on the right and follow the steps to send an email directly to the Home Office about air weapons. The consultation closes on 6 February 2018.