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    Help make microchipping compulsory for owned cats


    Cats Protection is calling on UK Governments to introduce compulsory microchipping of owned cats.

    Sign our petition by filling in your details*.

    *Signatories will only be counted once.

    Update 17th Feb 2021 - A government consultation on cat microchipping has just closed - please continue to sign and share this petition while we await the government's decision

    Microchipping gives a lost cat the best chance of being reunited with its owner. Cats Protection is calling for the compulsory microchipping of owned cats.

    Across the UK over a quarter of owned cats are not microchipped1. Cats are independent and curious creatures – part of the reason we love them. But this means that they can end up lost, perhaps far from home.

    Microchipping is a safe and permanent way to identify a cat and the best way of ensuring lost cats are returned to their loving families.

    Please help make sure more cats are microchipped and reduce the numbers of unidentified stray cats.

    Sign our petition now calling for compulsory microchipping of owned cats in the UK and help reunite more lost cats.

    1 CATS (Cats and Their Stats) 2020 UK, Cats Protection

    Case studies


    Three-year-old Peppa is an indoor cat who managed to escape from his home near Bridgeton, Glasgow in June 2018. He was found and was reunited with his family 10 months after going missing when he was found just 10 minutes away from home.

    He appeared at a workplace and one of the workers posted on Facebook about him. He was then scanned and his family were called and given the good news that he was waiting to go home after his extended adventure.

    Peppa’s family were over the moon and thanked everyone who shared his post and helped look for him when he was missing.


    In June 2019 Karen Lock brought in a cat that had been visiting her house for a couple of months to the Cats Protection Bridgend Adoption Centre. The staff at the centre scanned him and he was microchipped. They contacted his owner, Paul Adams, and discovered that Milo had been missing for two years after he escaped from his carrier on a trip to the vet.


    Four-year-old Monty was reported as a stray to Cats Protection’s Bracknell & Wokingham Districts Branch after taking shelter in a garden in Farley Hill.

    A quick scan of his microchip revealed the details of his owners, who had been searching for the much-loved pet ever since he went AWOL from their home in Aborfield in 2017.

    Relieved owner Lydia Butler said: “We had only just moved to our new home, and despite keeping him indoors, Monty had snuck out of a small gap and must have become disorientated.

    “We were so devastated and searched the streets, putting up posters and delivering flyers, but there was no sign of Monty at all. Our son Aaron took it particularly badly, as they were very close. All the time he was gone, Aaron never stopped talking about Monty.

    “We were absolutely over the moon when Cats Protection called to say he’d been found. We brought him home and he recognised Aaron straight away – they’ve been pretty inseparable ever since.”

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