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    Tell Defra why microchipping matters



    Please fill in the form below to send an email direct to Defra about microchipping.

    Please tell the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) why microchipping pet cats matters. Help more missing cats like Monty be reunited with their family.

    Monty was one of the lucky ones. He was microchipped, so when he was found two years after he went missing he could be reunited with his best friend Aaron.

    But not every cat is as lucky as Monty. Across the UK over three million owned cats aren’t microchipped* meaning they don’t have any permanent identification. Cats roam and may become lost but a microchip gives a lost cat the best chance of being safely reunited with its owner.

    Cats Protection urgently needs your help. Defra is actively looking at the issue of cat microchipping so it’s vital as many people as possible respond to their consultation to let them know how important microchipping is for cats and their owners.

    To help you out we’ve written an email for you. You can add your own words and stories about why microchipping matters for you and your cat.  

    You can help us change the law for the benefit of pet cats and their owners.

    The consultation closes on 4 January 2020 so don't delay. Send your email to Defra today!


    *PDSA (PAW) report 2019

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