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    We’re nearly there – help change the law to push microchipping of cats over the line 

    Thanks to the thousands of cat lovers, like yourself, who have written to their MPs and signed our petition, the government is now asking the public for its views on how to introduce compulsory microchipping of pet cats.

    Please fill in your details below and follow the quick steps to send an email direct to the government about microchipping.

    Our campaign to make sure every cat is microchipped has cross-party support and government backing, but there is a risk that changes will be delayed.  We need as many of you as possible to respond to this consultation to tell the government to ACT NOW. 

    Please enter your details, click next and send a message to the government that there must be no delays in bringing forward this vital regulation. 

    Across the UK there are 10.2 million owned cats, yet a staggering 2.6 million remain unchipped. This means that if they are lost or stolen, it is very difficult to reunite them with their owner. 

    Microchipping is the safe and permanent way to identify a cat and the best way of ensuring lost cats are returned to their loving families. 

    Cats Protection takes in thousands of stray cats each year that aren’t microchipped and end up being rehomed – we would much rather reunite them with their owners. 

    Act now. Enter your details to tell the government to make sure every pet cat is microchipped 

    Together we can change the law and reunite more cats with their owners – where they belong. 

    Please note: Currently the government is consulting on cat microchipping in England. This is because the matter is devolved, so action would have to be taken separately in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Despite this, you can respond to the consultation wherever you live and we do hope that if it the changes are adopted in England that Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland would be more likely to also bring in similar changes.

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