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    If an air gun attack on a cat has happened near where you live in the last six months, you’ll be directed to our simple email to contact your MP and let them know. If there hasn’t been an incident near you, you’ll be directed to our petition to encourage licensing on air guns.

    Every year, shocking numbers of cats are killed or suffer serious, life-changing injuries after being shot by an air gun. These attacks are random, cruel and can happen anywhere, from quiet villages to busy city centres.

    In the wrong hands, air guns are lethal weapons. Yet in England and Wales, anyone over 18 can buy and own one without a licence. This isn’t the case in Scotland and Northern Ireland, where strict regulations ensure ownership of air guns is controlled.

    We need your help to protect cats in England and Wales from being injured or killed after being shot with an air gun.

    Enter your details to find out how you can demand an end to the needless deaths and injury inflicted on cats by air guns.  

    Taking action only takes 30 seconds and will help us put a stop to these horrific attacks. 

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