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    Please fill in your details below and follow the quick steps to send an email direct to the government telling them not to forget about cats and kittens.

    The government has just announced new rules to prevent pet smuggling, but these proposals currently exclude cats and kittens – risking trafficking, trauma and tragedy for helpless kittens at the hands of pet smugglers.

    Prices for cats have skyrocketed during the pandemic, making the cat market lucrative for those looking to make a quick buck at the expense of cat welfare.

    The new rules being proposed will make it much more difficult to smuggle puppies and pregnant dogs into the UK from abroad – but if these regulations are not applied to cats and kittens, then unscrupulous pet smugglers might simply switch their focus to kittens, compromising their welfare.

    We already have evidence of kittens being advertised for sale with worldwide shipping as an option – we cannot risk this becoming the norm and a kitten-smuggling scandal unfolding.

    The government has asked for your views on their proposals – let’s tell them to act before it’s too late – simply fill in the form to the left, click ‘continue’ and then follow the steps.

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